Monday, March 12, 2007


Friday, the little birdie died . Here's a pic i took on my 2nd floor kitchen window , while Akesh and his friend , Zenith , burying little birde. :(

Saturday, morning was spent in the skool, meet-the-parents session. For my case, im all alone (as hubby is not back yet) meeting teachers/cikgu(s) exhausted (mentally) 2hrs ! **Phew**
After zuhr, i navigated myself and somehow lost my way, while driving to Bukit Timah Plaza, for a wedding receptions at Lagun Sari restaurant. Finally, i managed to find the place. *phew*
Ended at my mom's, before we decided to have some fresh air at Changi Beach. There's so many happy campers & happy families around ...we sat and ate and talked for abt an hour or so, then we left the place..

Sunday, i had and early start (esp for such a wkend). My family , spend our time , at Harmony Centre @ an Nahdhah mosque. It's located at Bishan.
This guided tour was organised by FaithHub...(pls click) , Sis Sylvia and myself are the co-ordinators for this tour. There's abt 20 over people in the group..including the children..(** prefably primary skool going kids)

The tour started abt 10.30am , and we were divided in 4 groups with individual tour guide or docent (tis is the correct term used) , to actually bring us around and explained to us abt diffrent aspects of Islam.
There's board-like-informations abt Islam.. about some famous Muslim personalities that have contributed so much in the world of astronomy...medicines ..architectures etc.

As i was guided along and being explained by our tour guide , bro Saiful, (hope i got his name right), i realised that i learned a lot of new things abt the my religion. I didnt know that Chinese explorer , Zheng De or Cheng Ho , was a Muslim.
Plastic surgery was invented by a Muslim, while cheese was first made in the Middle East.
Now that i also know, there's actually 10 officials religions here, in Singapore .

Moved on to the 2nd floor, we got to see some of the Islamic artifacts..Quran of various sizes , head gears for men from different places of the world , calligraphy.. etc.

After the guided tour, we proceeded to an auditorium . We have the priviliged to watch a video of pilgrimage to Haj. After the video ended , we had a little Q & A or rather sharing of ideas, sharing our thots and experiences abt the center or abt Islam. Some suggestions were posted to Bro Afdhal and his teammates.

The group of kids (my kids included) really enjoyed their tour, guided by Sis Maria. There'll be an Astronomy camp this coming Tuesday, 13thMarch07 , for the lower primary kids. My son is interested to participate, so, ive signed him up for it. It's a whole day camp (10am -10pm), where kids will learn abt the cosmic surroundings,.. the planets and probably gazing at the stars and experience using the telescope to look at Saturn (if they are lucky) ! I hope it will be beneficial to Akesh , as well for the other kids participants...Insya allah.

We had some light snacks after that , mingling amongst ourselves for a little bit and i would say, it was indeed a great way to start the day...Alhamdullillah.

Bro Afdhal frm Muis/Harmony Ctr and his teammates, did a wonderful job ! :)

For those who has the some time to spare, i would very much encouraged you, to have a peep at this beautiful place of worship. For visits to the Harmony Ctr , no admission fee is required & they are open from 9am - 5pm , Monday - Sundays (except Public Holidays) .

If you need guided tour to the Ctr, the minimum group size is abt 10 pax & you have to make prior arrangement. Otherwise , u are welcomed to visit the center on your own at the following times.

PS: butterflies (pls click) isolde ..thank u for coming .


Butterflies said...


ya Allah!!

i was cracking my brains for that word. and i knew it started with a "d". but that's all that i could remember. hehs.

btw, u noe that way of greeting u and the sisters did when u meet? my cousin and i have always wanted to start doing that. we envy the warmth and care that can be felt thru those gestures. but we always ended up with a normal salam (handshake) and a girly-dancy hug (hehex. typical mentel girls). so hopefully, that'll get me started with her, emrdyl and many many other sisters :)

*happy sigh* God bless you & Faith Hub members :)


Butterflies said...

whoa. that was one long tag.

:P hahax


Mrs Beki said...

The bird is in better place now...

I've visited Masjid An-Nadhah a few time, but just to sholat. Maybe I should bring the kids there one fine day to tour around the place.

And.....Wednesday.... pray hard that you can join!! :)

Aishah said...

Yup, plastic surgery was first invented by a Muslim..I think his name is Zahrawi or something like that. Dh and I went to the library at Wisma Indah and read about it 2 yrs back.
But he was using some really dinasaur-age tools...scary!

nor said...

so sweet la you...hope to see again soon.

mrs beki,
yup..try to just tour around the place..and Wed, im trying really...but not promises yet, i'll sms you.

i forgot all the names, either too lengthy or my brains dah karat..LoL

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

thats very thoughtfull of the kids utk tanam bird tu..klau ain i think i da pengsan/hide my face sbab tk sanggup nk tgk..

nor said...

partly is bcos, he didnt want any cats to eat the bird if he were to just leave it anywhere. :)