Friday, March 9, 2007

Last Wednesday, after his Scouts....Akesh, came back with this little injured bird he found under the tree , just below our apartment.
The poor little birdie, injured his legs and couldnt fly.

Akesh, carefully placed the injured n sick little birdie in a container and fed it w small pieces of bread.
The injured one , ate...those pieces and i think an injured birdie is a hungry birdie afterall !

The other container, was too Akesh, placed him in a slightly spacious "home", that belongs to his dead terrapins. Little injured and sick birdie , got some energy (fm eating those breads) to at least flap his wings .

The little injured & sick birdie still hasnt fully recovered yet. He's still struggling to stand up with his feet.... Akesh, brought him downstairs y'day for some fresh air & hoping little birdie could fly..but not the case yet. If tdy, little birdie is able to at least "take care" of itself...Akesh will set it free.

Lesson learned fm little birdie : Never Give Up ! Even how much you struggle in life day you will still fly high in the sky !

Well, so much of nursing little birdie...i just cant wait for the on Saturday, and visiting an interesting place on Sunday (and also meeting the *butterflies) *winks*

School holidays are here again...Yikes !!


pinkiecutepie said...

semoga Allah membalas kebaikan insan yg menjaga makhluk Allah itu.

rheA said...

alahai soo cute..dapat pahala anak u rawat the lil son pulak asyik kasi cat makan jer..hehe..u nak jumpa butterflies dua org tu ke? bestnya!

nor said...


oh,we, i mean my kids has been feeding a white cat since 2years ago i tink..and now the cat is very attached to us..but he(the cat) knows, he's not allowed to enter the our home..cos, the mummy here is one scaredy cat !

yelah..meeting the *butterflies*

meow lurver said...

testing 123. d other day tried to leave a msg at ur tag box but couldn't. hope it works now..hehe..thanks for hopping by Nor. wanna linkie? btw terharu baca ur son brought back the lil birdie to nurse.

meow lurver said...

just in case u r not sure who tis's my blog addie again: :o) hv a good weekend.

mummy jam said...

That Akesh sure got a heart of gold!

Butterflies said...

oh... but according to her.. it's not scared.. it's geliii... *rolls eyes*

cya sis!!


nor said...

meow lurver,
thanks for dropping by.

thanks..:) he got a soft spot for animal la..teeheheh

hahah...i can shake hands w your mom :)