Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My heart felt a little uneasy these few days or perhaps weeks already. I know something is not so right somewhere.
Later, i found out that wat i was thinkin' & feeling about are true.
Must get the air cleared , so i can breathe normal again.

Some people **sigh**

Rabbi yasseer wala tua'asir ~ Ameen

All that down feelings aside.....
Since im on the go of healthy living and lifestyle (yeah rite)..i borrowed this family friendly reflexology book fm the library. "The Family Guide to Reflexology " Ann Gillanders

pic not in good condition.
must get my good friend MJ
to teach me how to take good pics, next time.

It began abt few weeks back when i got my son, did his very first foot reflexology. I was there sitting beside him, while the man did his feet (one at a time) . So, i created a conversation with this friendly man, who did my son. He has been practising reflexology since 1990.

He shared some great tips abt reflexology for kids as well as adults. He even showed me some of the good points on the feet for children. He told me, i could do it to the kids myself at home unless i or rather my son in this case, wants full relaxation, then coming over to the place, is of cos much better. Hence, i wait no more...i borrowed the book !

After the 30mins sessions, fm my son's testimony ..he said , he felt relaxed during the session only a little pain, at some of the points,.but bearable (cos, he's new to this), his legs felt lighter..and that nite, he snored like a camel..(wonder if camels do snore) all the way till the morning came ! ..LoL

Reflexology as we all know, has been around since ancient time ago. It's not really a treament but more of applying gentle pressure of your thumb/finger/hand to the reflex points on your feet.
It aids relaxation, relieve congestion or tension in the corresponding parts of your body.

Reflexology can be used as an aid to help cope not only on a physical level but also a mental and emotional one ,thereby encouraging us to maintain our health in all areas of our lives. It is alrite to do it to babies and little children , except the pressing pressure shld be done in a more gentle ways.

Ive been doing at least once or twice a week on my kids. I just rubbed a little olive oil (so it wont be too dry) on my hands and on their feet and start pressing on the points according to the book. Super easy to follow...(if a slow learner like me can do it, u can too.)

In the book there's also hands map reflexology illustrations. U can do fingers/hand reflexology too.

Since, ive to return the book soon, i made photocopies for my keepsake. Hope this will somehow benefit the family. :)

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Ummi's BLOG said...

rabbi yaseer wala tu'asir..
Thats one my my fav zikir.. its my son's name - yasir.

: )