Friday, March 28, 2008

A few minutes ago, i received a call fm my son's form teacher, Mdm Chia. She wanted to check somthing w me ,abt my son...well, regarding the Maths tutoring classes, that my son didnt attend last Wednesday. I told her i knew abt it, cos, my son came back earlier than expected and told he the reason. Mdm Chia just need a letter of acknowledgement frm my end. Fine, will do so.

I know her time on the phone is limited, but we managed to speak abt some valid issues concerning my son, of cos. I am glad to hear good improvement on my son's part and how she motivates him,talk to him and encouraged him. Im really pleased with her approached. As far as i know, the school has only few teachers who are really going-all-out type for thier students. Teachers that understand thier students strength and weaknesses and very much concerned abt thier well being..teachers who dont give up on their students just because they are weak.

Mdm chia knows my son loves to draw and he draws well. She told me something that touched me. She has seen his personal art works...thus, she asked him to draw her face. My son came home one afnn , and gladly told me abt his teacher's praises...and decided to draw her caricature, using the class photo as his guide. He completed the caricature the same nite and handed over to Mdm Chia the next morning.

My son has been getting great teachers so far. I hope after leaving the school, he will still remember thier advices and encouragement and make it as an inspirations for him to do better in life.

In the squeeze of minutes n seconds (cos, she got class to relief) , i managed to get her opinion on certain least now, i have clearer picture. I shall talk to my son once again and then just proceed.

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