Monday, March 24, 2008

In the still of the nite, i (and hubby) happend to look up in the sky and saw, somting magnificient, that ive never seen before and i just dunno how to describe in words. *subhanallah* It's last Thursday nite, to be precise.

Y'day, i managed to purchase 4 tickets to seminar "B.O.N.G.K.A.R.Rahsia Ibubapa Cemerlang Anak Gemilang!" . Im not sure wat to expect from this, but i hope Natasha Nabila the girl , with the highest PSLE score last year, plus other speakers would be able share some effective study tips and enlightened parents with thier advices and talk.

Im such a terrible daughter in law, it's been awhile since i last visited and talk to my mother-in-law, so tak patut ! Yikes ! Must go visit oredy tis wkend.

A lot of things still pending.........

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