Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been quite awhile that Ive been toying with the idea of starting personal journal of my own . Get myself a nice little diary (that i can chuck in my bag and carry anywhere w me) and penned down my inner thots,express my feelings, the ups and downs of my living years etc...and abt some happenings which i tink it's too private to share with anyone else.

It's gonna be like a personal history or a summary of my life..hehhee. Perhaps, with those entries , randomly or not, maybe, one day i could just flip back the old ones and see how much things has changed , progressed, how life has grown so much actually, some good or bad lessons that have learned fm ......etc. I could even laffed it out loud in future, upon reading some of the entries. This journal could also be tools for self-evaluations.?? No?

Maybe it's the age thingy...that caused me to the start this little "project"of mine.. "Seasons of My Life"or "Life Turbulances"...i cant decide yet, cos, that's wat i can think of right now , for the title of my yet-to-be personal journal. It's sounds so dramatic ,eh...hahaha

I believe everyone has stories to tell, no matter how insignificant or uneventful it is. Everyone has life experiences..amazing adventures, some close shaves,difficult situations,great findings etc......

So, before my age and memory take a toll on me.......i tink i'd better start to write or penned down those priceless memories, the up closed and personal events, and begin my seasonal journey.

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Anonymous said...

Just happen to bloghopped..
Yes, everyone have a story to tell even how boring it is. :)
Have a great seasonal journey!