Monday, March 17, 2008

Every Sunday, is swimming day.My daughter will be having her lesson, while my son, will play and swim on his own. The mummy will patiently wait for an hour watching the kids in the pool or having a quite moment with something to read. Most time, she prefers to people watched...hehee

So, after the lesson, i will accompany my daughter for a quick shower. The toilet usually will have only few ppl changing in the cubicles or some moms with their kids. That's wat i like abt this swimming complex...not "overcrowded" even on weekends. The complex is obviously older than my growing age, but it's very well maintained.

My daughter was in the shower cubicle and i was waiting outside her door...just few doors away, a lady came out from her shower, and it was unsightly. !! I believed she was fm the native land. Gosh! she walked around naked ! I mean, seriously, there's nothing of her that i's all barren and wild down under...(u get the drift). It's public toilet for heaven sake!.......there's kids of all ages. I swear the moms that was changing her daughters, were shocked with that dunno-how-to- explain to her kids looked. We (the moms and me) looked at each other......**speechless**

I would not want to described futher, but i guess suffice to say.....i feel like puking !!

Fortunately, she dressed up just in time, for my daughter to come out fm her shower.


Anonymous said...

Salaam to you sis,

May I know which swimming pool you go to during the weekends? Been eyeing for one that is not crowded.
Thank you.

nor said...

salaam to you,

it's the old Katong Swimming complex (Tanjong Rhu).