Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last nite , hubby and me visited a couple friend who is going for the spiritual journey of Hajj.

We were warmly welcomed by sis N and bro K. They are a good friend of ours .Bro K is a Chinese convert. As we sat and chatted,he shared with us his experienced when he went Umrah (together w his wife,sis N and their 2 kids)in 2007.

They showed us slides photos of their Umrah journey and shared some stories behind the places that they went. As a convert himself, bro K, took his Umrah as another formed of ibadah and also as a family holiday. Never in bro K's mind that he would feel what he felt when he was in the Holy Land of Mecca & Madinah. Upon,coming back fm the Umrah, he told his wife,sis N, to save up and do Hajj. Alhamdulillah , Allah has invited both of them for this spiritual journey, this year.

My many attempts to "convinced" my hubby to go Umrah somehow, wasnt convincing enuf. He has the intention, but was afraid that task is gonna be difficult for him...But last nite, after watching their slides and their sharing session, my hubby was convinced and told them that he wanted to do a family, next year, perhaps. Insya allah.

I was indeed surprised and obviously glad , to hear that fm hubby. Allah has given another light for us to lead the right path. HE opens another door of submission.

Anyhow, first thing first...... this Sunday will be our first family Quran lesson with Ustz H. Its more for hubby (but since, it's good to make it a family bonding thingy, me and kids follow suit.)

I strongly believe, if you have good intentions, in the path of Allah, HE will definitely guide you. Never stop making doa ....... and never give up.

"A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a first step ."



washi said...

Masha'Allah, this is such a lovely post. Your friend's experience reminds me of my Haj and I cannot wait to go on Umrah insha'Allah!

NoR said...


thanks...and i hope yr wish come true too,insya allah.