Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am having mood swings these past few days..maybe its due to the time of the month.

Yesterday, my sister kinda pissed me off...and then ,the kids pissed me off too, almost at the same time.

As much as i tried to control my anger ...I bursted !

All of them who pissed me off were in my car .... as i came out fm the parking lot, due to my angry self ...... i didnt see a taxi was coming towards me, i almost hit the taxi..just by few inches away . Thank God, the taxi driver managed to stop in time. All those in the car , were in shocked! But they knew, i was really mad at them.

Astargfirullah...i quickly istighfar. Thank you Allah for saving me and the family from getting into an accident, due to my carelessness. I fell into the whisper of syaitan at that time.

Along the journey, everyone in the car, were silent. No one talked.
While driving in silent , i read my zikir in the did calm me down.

After dropping my sister off , the rain started to pour so heavily , making it difficult to drive due to poor visibility. Maybe the cool n wet weather did take part to cool me down a little bit.

I asked Allah for forgiveness ... after which, things fell back in place, somehow.

Then i remembered in my earlier dhuha class, the ustz did mentioned that if before you leave your house, u recite "Bismillaahi, tawakkaltu `alallaahi, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billaah", you will be protected.

To break down the doa, in a book that i recently read, it was mentioned that if you recite these before leaving yr house, "Bismillah" , the angel will say "you will be guided " . If you continue with "tawakkaltu 'alallah" , (you leave everthing to Allah)...angel will say " it is enough " , followed by "la haulawala quwwata illah billah" , the angel say, "you are taken care."



Anonymous said...

I have to remind myself to make dhikr all the time. I have a bad temper :(.

NoR said...

its good to remind each other once awhile. :) i tend to "forget" too at times, so i have to do self reminder ..alhamdulillah, with dzikr , doa and reading of the Quran is the only way to calm me down when im angry of feeling blue. :)

Nor said...

Alhamdulillah everybody is ok :)

Dont forget to recite doa dlm kenderaan juga :)

take care my fren :)


NoR said...

thanks for the reminder my fren.