Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday, after Asr .. hubby and me went to the airport to send off our dear friends, sis N and her hubby , bro K to perform thier Hajj.

The airport was filled with people sending off thier friends and families.

Few of our good friends were there to send them off too, and so were her families.
Thier two kids,ages 13 and 11 were emotional and had to be consoled by thier aunts and uncles who were present there. This is a very normal sight that we will see ,especially when sending off people who are going on such spiritual journey.

After hugging and seeking forgiveness to everyone present there, both sis N and bro K had to make their leave and entered the transit lounge. Hubby and myself, then made our our next destination,fetching the kids (who were at home), for dinner.

While waking towards the carpark, we talked abt what we had just witnessed. I was indeed surprised to hear what hubby said , " I wished i am the one going for Hajj now. !"

We continued talking in the car , i could see his enthusiasm of doing such journey. I reckon he cant wait to do our mini journey ... kept asking me to plan and check out the dates etc.

I told him to take one step at a time ...... put your intention for the sake of Allah, HE will not dissappoint you...HE is the Most Knowing.

Subhanallah....... it been a long ride, especially so for hubby,who is a convert and has never been excited over stuff like this before.

Allah the Exalted said:

And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent. [at-Talaaq: 3]


Nor said...

go! go! check out the dates!! :D

I wanted soo much to go for my mini journey but it was the fulus part that stoppped us.
So i told myself once i got the fulus, I wld make plans immediately. Whether I wld finally go or not that's beyond my control but at least i made my 1st step. If I cldnt go even with the fulus available i know it was bcos I am not invited yet..
So when dh suggested we postpone to the following yr cos he wld have more leave, we cld visit baitulmaqdis etc, I said no...there was no guarantee that nxt yr process wld be smooth sailing..&..who cld assure me that i wld still be alive...?

rinduuu teramat sangat...if u know wat i mean :(

So with lesser no of days there, we now had xtra $ to bring the whole family along & that is a blessing to me, Alhamdulillah :)

so go my fren..check out de dates, esply now pintu hati ur dh dah termuka, MasyaAllah..

see now u make me wanna cry :D

Nor said...

btw that Nor was me *asydin* not u

Anonymous said...


true, sometimes even with the $ if not invited,u wont be able to go "there"...but one thing i hold on, with $ or not...make yr intention first and lots of doa, remember HIM , HE'll definitely remember you...HE knows when is the best time for you...

i know many ppl ,like yrself who has been "there" longed to go back again and again...

Insya allah, im still praying hard, that my time will come , soon.


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