Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im feeling a little handicap.

My computer got crashed and died instantly.
The screen went blank and im feeling the withdrawal.

I just send the kids for their class and headed down to the library
to returned our borrowed books..
While waiting for the kids to end their class , i take the chance to use the computer here..to kill time.

I had some pictures for add here, but i cant do it at the moment.
We had fun bowling last Sunday with FaithHub team... it was really fun.

Our family Quran class was brought forward to Monday,which was y'day at 5pm - 7pm.
Initially , hubby was alright with his recognitions of the arabic letters, then
when all the letters are joined together, he got all confused. I knew he was really trying his best...fortunately, the Ustaz is a really patience teacher. We all keep encouraging hubby,all he needs to do is revise every day or every other day,before the next lesson. Insya allah.

After the lesson, Ustaz did congregation maghrib prayer with us...
it was really surreal.

Im hoping and praying that will all these family thingy that we do together, spiritually or not ... will keep my family bonding stronger. I want my hubby and kids to be my companion for my/our ibadah and stay together thru thick and thin.

Challenges will still arise as long as we live, but how we pull thru , is that , what really matters.

AidilAdha Mubarrak , to everyone.!

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