Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The hubby left for Korea since last weekend and will only be back tis Friday. Then there are just 3 of us,the kids and myself.

I faced a little challenged in the homefront, the usual kids stuff and my head has been spinning , im not sure if it is due to my fastings.

Living with the challenges and demanding no fun ! My anger burst and i uttered words that i should not....very bad mom i can be sometimes. I have myself to blame..i fell into syaitan whispers.

After i calmed down, i took my ablutions and prostrated to my Creator. I make lots of supplications and did my dzikir. I asked for HIS guidance . I weeped . I put my whole trust on HIM...sincerely!

Masya allah, the results is amazing !! Everything seems to fall back in place so neatly.

Subhanallah !

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Anonymous said...

Salam sis! Can share how u wear the lilit wrap around tudung? :)