Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like ive mentioned in my previous "crispy" entry, that we are expecting something BiG over the weekend....well , we have to wait a little till (last) Monday actually.

We tell no one abt this new changes not even our kids..until we reached the dealer's place, on that perticular evening, to collect our brand new , white MPV , Toyota Estima Aeras.

Obviously, the kids were surprised giler...esp my son, who has been bugging us and eyeing the Estima each time he sees it on the road.* roll eyes*

Well, time to move on, we need more space , as we frequently go out w my parents over the wkends, and the kids are getting bigger in sizes and, tis new one will fit us well.

It's sad to let go, but finally we have to bid farewell to our black SUV ,Lexus Rx300. He has been serving us wonderfully for the last 5 years. Never give us any problems..and we all will surely missed that car, for sure. The Lexus gave us lot of sentimental memories,actually.

Since, having the Estima, the past 3 days, ive been incharge behind the wheels most of the times, well, the usual ferrying and chauffering...trying to get used and familiarise myself w the new ride and beginning to lovin it . !

PS: hubby was surprised (or maybe not) that ive got a new bag to match w the new


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