Thursday, July 3, 2008

The day has been crispy !

The sun has been shining crispy-ly .

The heat seeps crispy-ly on my head causing me a little migraine.

My fat bums accidentally sat on my sunglasses just now and it gave crispy sound.! $^**&**@

Fortunately , i have another pair, to help protect my eyes fm the crispy UV ray .

The crispy weather ,makes life wonderful if i could soak myself in a tub while listening to my fave music..followed by a short nap in my airconditioned room. Unfortunately, i dun have both...the tub and the aircond.

Anyway, Im in a crispy mood (watever that means), becos, my clothes, bedsheets n pillow cases and my towels are all dried up crispy-ly ! *heaven* Simply things in life that makes me happy .

Crispy-ly...i mean seriously, i cant wait for this weekend...cos, something BiG is waiting for us !! :))

Ps: tis is such a boliao crispy entry...u can tell dat im bored !! :P

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