Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was under my void deck, resting my fat bums on the pillar while waiting for my daughter coming back fm school, then i saw my neighbour with his two grandchildren.

I lived on the 3rd floor and this neighbour is frm the 2nd flr. He is a tall elderly man , abt 60 over yo, wearing spectacles that looks more like a goggle. He came down the stairs w only his kain pelekat, chasing after his grandchildren, a boy and a girl...they are cute little twins. I tink they are abt 2 or at least 3yo. So, the little boy was running around, while the little girl was telling the grandpa something in her pelat language.

The goggle eyed grandpa was mumbling some words that i couldnt really comprehend, all i knew he seemed irritated with the little boy, running away fm him each time he tried to get hold of him. From where i sat, which is very near to where the "chasing"were going on, i could audibly heard he said words that made my heart skipped and beat a little faster.

He scolded the kids "p*ki" , "s*al" and called them b*bi" !! repeatedly !!

OMG ! i couldnt believe my ears n was saddened to hear the kids...whom are his own grandchildren, being called as such.
I was indeed, apalled. !

I know, i say things that i shouldnt when im angry w my kids....but such "colorful" languages is definitely a NO-NO !!

Gosh! i really have weirdo neighbours.!


norza said...

thats indeed weird. just reminds me of a tuition student i had who would use such 'colourful' language in class. when asked, he told me, "mak bapak saya pon ckp mcm gitu pat rumah."

nor said...

hi norza,

oh dear, poor kid.

Ummi's BLOG said...

sigh...bad influence...

you know sis..gara-gara someone in my house who likes to use the word "sh*t" nows my little Habib also says "sh*t".....!!

sedih sey I.....

nor said...


i know sometimes we say things that we dun intend to, but such "colorful" words and language is a big no-no, kan.