Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ive no morning kuliah today, cos, the Ustaz is away. Im in no rush to start doing the never ending housechores.. , so i sat next to my window (where my laptop is) typing this. I could see dark clouds moving swiftly by the blow of the wind and giving ways for the rain to pour.

I am not in my best mood actually. I have somthing that bothers me seriously at the back of my mind. I try to find solutions and i thot i did, but im actually at my wits end.

I looked at the pouring rain, i thot to myself , at times in our lives, we may experience drought or downpour . Unlike a waterfall, rain falls in droplets..which also means one little lesson at a time .But , sometimes that droplets can mean an accumulations of problems...that can create storm...(gosh, im so philosopical here....blame it on The Alchemist ;P )

I know, the dark clouds will eventually moved on.... Difficulties really do evaporate with time.

Ahhh,perhaps , i better not dwell too much , after the rain surely there'll be sunshine !

Then, i found this soothing words ......

Is There Darkness In Your Life ??

" Beautiful pictures are developed by negatives
In the dark room , so IF you see darkness in
your Life , assume , that The Creator is making the
Best plan for you. "

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