Thursday, September 11, 2008

We (FaithHub) , received an overwhelming emails from those who attended The Children's Home...Alhamdullilah.

All of them addressed their gratitute and very much moved with the visit that we organised. Many , esp from those who is a first timer, mentioned how this has been an eye opener for themselves as well as their kids.

The amount of generous contributions we collected from those kind indiviuals , to be given to The Home, was very much appreciated ..Alhamdulliah.

Few years back , FaithHub , also did organised a visit to The Old Folks Home, that was another chapter ............the folks, some looked pale and ailing , some just stare into space, some showed joy in their faces when they have someone talk to but some just pouring out their feelings to us, was simply satisfying ..........another sad episode. :(

Life is never about only is never perfect.

The challenges are just too great.

Just 2 days ago, i met a frend of mine,Sis N, who told me abt her friend who is at the terminal stage of cancer. Sis N ( as i knw, her loves helping others in need ), just came back from sending her sick frend for radiotheraphy .

To cut the long story short , how they both met again after a long period of time...let just say , Allah wants to re-unite them again , at least for this short period of time , but in this sad condition.

My eyes were teary when i heard the story of her friend. She has not much time left and she's prepared or has to get prepared to meet her Creator. She knows it. She has 3 children ,the eldest in Sec 3 , the second is taking PSLE tis year, sis N has arranged for the school councellor to talk to the child and the youngest is 6yo.

The sick lady is of the same age as me..........i cannot imagine myself in that condition. Im so not ready ! :(

Just when we thot our life is dull and do we hate our life sometimes....take a moment to look around us......there are others who bears greater sufferings. !

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