Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My son is sick since last Sunday...
Brought him to the clinic yday - got a day of MC
His body was soooo hot last nite...but subsided after i gave medications and did sponging.
I didnt sleep well last nite.
I woke him up tis morning for skool,, but he still complained of having headache. I gave him the tablet , he sleeps thru till now.
Im worried he is surely gonna missed out some last minute revisions in the skool.
I have to go to the clinic later, to extend the MC ( till today).
The hubby is away in Sydney till end of the week.
I have to settle the situations and other errands on my own till he returns.
Im like a walking zombie now

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Aishah said...

Hugs! Hope Akesh is better now.