Monday, August 27, 2007

I made 3 "uncalled for" blunders within a week. !!

Ive caused a collective of silliness,blurrness ,anger and inconvenient to those involved !!
Y'day was the last straw!

Fortunately, no "murder" was caused in those scenes.
The matters were resolved there and then, ended with crazy laughters and jokes and as the penalty, i was made to pay lunch for one of my blunders..which i obviously relented !! ;P

I felt really really guilty thou.
Tis is wat happend when im under brain juices just freeeezeeed ! I couldnt get some of the things rite.! **sheeesh**

Anyway,this morning, as i was flipping thru today's Straits Times, tis little articles interest me.

"Moon to blush red in total lunar eclipse"

# The moon will turn red tommorrow during a total lunar eclipse.
# The blush on the face of the Moon - occuring at 5.52pm Singapore time.
# Singapore will catch only tail end of the eclipse.
# Those who want to cath the "blood moon lunar eclipse" can look up
# from 5.30pm

read more in today's paper.......

PS: dun miss the opportunity to make lots of supplications tonite ..the nite of Nisfu Syaaban.

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