Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Im not too sure about my feelings lately.
Im experiencing these...happy + sad + anxious + worried ,all at the same time.

A lot of things boogled in my mind.

Im happy that,soon, my hubby is gonna be stationed back in Spore.
Things are looking pretty much positive,as far as his work here is concerned...probably occasional travelling around the globe is still needed.
Im used to that,anyway.
It was more than 3years of me juggling with the whole domestic stuff all on my it's just abt time, enuf of me being a "single parent".

Im sad , on certain issues that i somehow havent been able to solve.
I feel helpless and hopeless, at times.
It's really tiring, but i cant give up.
The process is lengthy..but i have hope.
It hurts sometimes..but i have ALLAH to cry on.
September is coming, with the new procedures, i hope im able to see changes.

Im feeling anxious and worried , this is such a norm for me when kids exams are next week.
Im wishing for the best.

Am i getting old...or am I getting older ?
Or izzit becos, i see my kids growing too fast.
Especially this month, since both of them are turning 11yo and 8yo respectively.

I feel the choked inside me.
I reckon,only a mother can feel this.
I just cannot describe it.

Life is a duty, that i have to perform it.
Life is a goal, that i havent score it.......yet !


Anonymous said...

Salam Sis Nor,

the new addition into your sister's family is so fairrrrr~
congratulations to her!
& to you, for being able to be an aunty again! heex.

my mind and heart are in chaotic too.
and yes, alhamdulillah,
we both have Allah to cry to.

Allah, Allah, Allah...........

takecare yeah, Sis.
guess Allah is giving us the opportunity to be strong.
and may He love & protect you always.

nor said...

salaam Anna,

thanks for kind words.
u take care too.

Ummi's BLOG said...

In my eyes, ur a very strong mother.
Carry on with this jihad sis. U'll reap the rewards one day.

nor said...


i try and gotta be strong..mentally n physically..but at times i falter..hehee