Monday, August 20, 2007


It was a full in-btwn-breaks of crashed revisions for the kids.
Maths! was sooo darn stressful to teach,
especially so,cos, i am one Maths failure!
I have to flip the answer keys almost on every sums !
The rest of the other subjects are manageable. **PHew**
To think that tis is only a P5 syllabus, i wonder how i have to cope
for PSLE next year....hope i dun have to go thru mental breakdown.
cam aku pulak nak sit for exams !

After a stressfull revision quests..we de-stressed ourselves , going for zikir session by our Ustaz, in the evening. Its really nice to see our mat-salleh converts friends in the sessions .
It was a good way of de-stressing , concentrate and get our mind free fm the wordly things for that moment.


I organised a surprised mini bday celebrations for my 2 kids, since both are August baby. My closed cousins were coming to mom's place to see my newborn nephew,so, i planted the idea.
I texted my cousins and told them abt the plan.
My kids were clueless thru out.
The didnt even see the cake in the fridge.
They knew i bought some stuff for goodie bags, but i told them, it was meant for my students in Reading Mum..hehe
Simple but yummy food were prepared...& my cousin's kids came with gifts.
Akesh and Sharmila somehow knew the gifts were for them, cos, its thier bday mth after all, but still clueless abt the cake and the celebrations.

At abt 3.30pm, we gathered all my cousin's kids in the kitchen , managed to distract my 2 kids in the living hall, and we all came out of the kitchen singing birthday song for Akesh & Sharmila.

My kids were so happy abt the whole surprised thingy.!
Little things that this mummy did for her kids. :)

Exams begins.
English Paper 2

Good luck my kids !

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