Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just got back fm my daughter's school, cos, the whole of Primary 2 students are having their Speech & Drama performances this morning..parents are invited.
The Theme :Aesop Fables

I reached the school at 7.30am , as im helping out with the make-up for the kids.
It's a simple tasks actually. There's another parent volunteering too.
We worked hand in hand...she'll put the powder and the rouge on the kids, after which i touched them up with eye-shadows and lipsticks.

Funny how the boys reacted when we "dolled" them up..hehhee
At the age of 8years old, their mind are still set that boys shld not wear make-up..hehhee

So, there i was, dolling up one by one..then came a boy fm my daughter's class..Xavier. Before i could touched him, he "warned" me...

Xavier : "cheacher, dun put so much make-up ley, i boy u know not girl."
Me : " dun worry..i put very lightly for you"
Xavier : "the lipstick got other color or not red, i boy u know"
Me : ???? (budak ni skali aku lesing ..banyak spelling betol la! )"

Xavier was finally dolled ! powdered ,red lipstick ,rouge to make his cheek looked rosy with blue eye shadow. He looked...well pretty ! hehehe

Then,there's another boy, Salman...he's supposed to act like one of the black crows. Those crows were given black body suit costumes and they supposed to change in the toilet.
Salman came back , wearing the suit with the zipper in the front ,instead of behind.
He was told to change the other way round. He came back, with the zipper behind, but he wore the suit inside out...hehehe
The teacher in charged told him how to wear it properly he went to the toilet,.... again. This time he wore it correctly...but not when one of his sleeves are much lower than the other..heheh
This is wat happend when a rich , pampered child is being left on his own..!hehhee

The performances started at 9.30am, the hall was almost filled with eager and supportive parents. My daughter's act was the last one, she's one of the singing tree trunk.
Up on the stage, i saw Xavier , face all cleaned frm all the make-up...i wonder if he has took the wet tissues left on the table earlier to wipe off all colors on his face ! hehehee

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