Monday, September 10, 2007

Alhamdullilah, no fuss from the kids this morning as they woke up and prepare for school, after a week long break.

I had a blasted time, last Friday, having Murtabak session at ZamZam Restaurant with some of my friends that i got to know from an online motherhood forum.
After murtabak, few of us managed to squeeze our time walking around Arab St. until, my hubby had to fetch me around 5pm.

We went home for a while to grab my daughter's stuff cos, she's sleeping over at my mom's that nite. After Maghrib prayer, my hubby and i rushed our way down to The Singapore Post for a talk by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani..a well-know Sufi scholars.

We arrived there slightly before 7.45pm and the auditorium was already filled. I bummped into 2 friends and fortunately we got to sit together and with a good view of The Shaykh. Moment the Shaykh entered the auditorium , i cud feel some sort of positive energy in me....or probably just that kinda feeling im not abled to explain.

The topic on that nite was "Save The Earth - Nature's Plea To Mankind" .

The talk wasnt exactly the topic per se, but the Shaykh spoke more abt ourselves...our own nature...our soul ! our kidney is nature...our heart is nature.
He mentioned how every creations do Tasbih to Allah, only we are not given the ability to hear. The mountains, the trees, the leaves even an if we killed an ant, the Tasbih will stop.

We have to look upon these matters : our speech, our sight, our movement .
Dun get involved in backbiting. If we have nothing to say, just be quite, cos Silence is Golden.

At the end of the talk, he touched a bit abt Ramadhan.

first 10 days asked Allah for Mercy
2nd 10 days asked Allah for Forgiveness
Last 10 days asked Allah for freedom from Hellfire.

This is not my first to attend the Shyakh public talk, but as expected, he delivered it with much impact.

Grab the opportunity of this Holy month by making lots for dua'a , do lots of zikir and read the Holy Quran (if possible). May Allah except our 'amal and ibadah .We wont know if this is going to be our last Ramadhan.


Noor Ain Mas'id said...

alhamdulilaah ramadhan is here again..
lets doa for each other yer kak..

nor said...


insya allah , all will be well this ramadhan..**count down** ;)