Monday, March 8, 2010

Hungry me..
First stop..lunch at Ayam Penyet (Lucky Plaza).

Then it was shopping time ......

LV and Safiah :P

GUCCI and me ....

Vogue hahaha

on our way back ... with our NEW shades.
*evil grin**other stuff not in the picture*

we took crazy photos of ourselves..and we laughed out silly as usual ,hehe
for the moment , we forgot that we are mothers of two and three kids respectively..haha

Last Sunday, was not the usual Sunday for us....
The weekends are usually family times and preparing for school etc.
But,somehow or rather we managed to get out fm the house for few hours...hahaha
It's a "treat" for safiah and me,
after all the exam stress are over...results aside.
Well,we really had fun and enjoyed the outing(read:shopping) soooo much.

This year will be our 25th year of friendship..(insya allah)
We have grown and mature thru the years, but despite all the episodes in life that we had went thru , she's always there for me as much as im always there for her.

May this friendship last till our dying day..(insya allah).


kakchik said...

salam nor.
from the look of the pictures, i think both of you really have so much fun during your outing (shopping) :D
may Allah bless your friendship forever.

NoR said...


thank you.

oh yes ! fun we had...alhamdulillah