Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday afnn was spent with hubby and some FaithHub committees attending a training session for our new website.

After Maghrib, all of us proceeded to attend Maulid at Ustz's place.
Its been quite awhile since i last did my zikir....(my bad)

It was sooo rejuvenating....especially for the soul.

Sunday...our family Quran session.

An unexpected checked by Ustaz on the kids sholat recitations and some surahs..
*evil grin*

When the kids were caught off guard , everything went a tad haywire...haha

We made mistakes ...we giggled silently at each other ... we guide and encouraged one another ... and most importantly we learn & grow together.

I truely enjoyed this session every Sunday...

From the time the kids changed to their proper attire,
to the time, my son or daughter will prepare our Quran(s) and books on the table..
to the time we all will be revising (menderas) and kids will be "teaching" daddy..heheh before Ustaz appeared at our door. Priceless !

It's one of the many memories and moments of my life that i will treasure forever.

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