Thursday, March 11, 2010

Safiah just called me ....

She did it !! Alhamdulillah.

Soo happy for her ! :)

The instructors who conducted crash course the past few days , didnt do much justice,according to her.

Each of them has different ways of teaching, especially on parkings.
The lessons were disoriented .

She got worried sick and panic seeps in deeper when she called me
earlier this morning.

I told her to focus on her driving and just be comfortable and confident with whatever ways she has learned ... dont bother abt the tester sitting next to her.

After her 3rd attempt today , my bestfriend finally got her driving licence.!
Yes !! *thumbs up**

I smell celebration ... its time for her to pick me up instead .**woohoo**


NeverEver said...

lol congrats!!!

NoR said...

thanks, sis :)

Aurangzeb said...

:) Well... I've been ticketed!!! :P :P :P