Monday, March 22, 2010

I need rainbows ......

Im "suffering" from a few unpleasant news .

Dissappointments, but im abled to seal my emotions.

Eventhou, i managed to express what's rooted inside,
it seemed pointless.

Im feeling so fragile. I must moved myself away from the "feelings & thoughts " .

Maybe i should occupy my brain with something productive...
like baking chocolate chips , reading or the least, talk to my plants.

Positively thinking, it's not an uninvited ending,
it may turn out to be blessings.

Maybe , just maybe i shld take up yoga for emotional balance..LoL


kakchik said...

salam nor. may Allah ease your inner pain sis. take time to read more Qur'an and meet with friends.

love: kakchik

Umm Omar said...

Sorry to hear that you're dealing with unpleasant news, sister. May Allah make it easy for you and relieve you of your worry.

NoR said...

kakchik & Umm Omar,

thanks for yr kind words.