Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was at the nearby Mall the other day, browsing some books at the Times bookstore, standing and reading one of Sophie Kinsella books, w/o realising that i actually read 5 chapters of it. ! If only i have enuf time dat day, i tink , i would have finished reading it at one go..haha.

Anyhowz, my legs are getting weaker by standing too long, so i decided to stop reading and get out of that place....not until i bummed into a old frend. After all the "excitement" of meeting old pal, we decided to go for a drink at McD. It was just a short while, cos, i need to rush home.
So we talked and catch up on stuff....she's holding a professional job, but decided to call it quit and wanted to be a stay at home mom for her 2 growing kids. She's confused and not sure if she is making the right decisions. Im really not good at giving ppl advise actually, but me being a stay at home mom for almost 10years , i guess, i can give my 2cents worth.

There's NO survival kits and NO bed of roses actually. I used to get snide remarks frm some pple , just bcos im a SAHM, but that didnt bother me much. I have my daily mundane routines to do. I have good days and i have bad hair days. My kids can drive me crazy and drove me up the wall....i have piles of laundry and toilet bowls to scrub. The floor has to be vacuum and mop. I gotta cracked my brain cells of wat to prepare for lunch /dinner...not forgetting supper,sometimes. I have to ferry the kids for their also a referee when squabbling among the kids happend. homework is the killer !

Some days are fun...other days ,u feel like packing your troubles in your knapsack and leave ! The lists just never ending..............

In any cases... balancing life is important. I glad im able to do things that keep my sanity going...despite those stressful days. Being a member of a parenting forum for years already, and ive made good frends from there. Therefore, I know im not alone in this . I try to have my "ME" time whenever time permits. To have a cuppa in the morning w/o your kids calling for you......... spelt as L/U/X/U/R/Y !

There's pros and cons in everything. Life is like dat, you win some, you loose some. Stay-at-home can be rewarding but verrrrrrrrrrry exhausting..(Im on demand at most times). Im in NO way a SuperMom.....i failed many times..but at relaxed mode, i allowed myself to recuperate from all the pressures that i put upon myself and try to "perfect" my job.

After years of being at home, if u ask me now, i really have forgotten wat was it like to go to work...hahhaa. My lifestyle had become so ingrained within me that it was difficult to imagine life any other way.

** just to add wat i just remembered while stirring my soup of the day (see how women can multi task hahaa)...whether u are stay-at-home mom or working mom, we all have the same role nuture, the trust that is given to us **

Watever choices, my friend has made...."good luck to her" ! :)

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