Thursday, February 21, 2008

  • I tink im having one of the mendak moment, where ive so many things to write, but i dunno how to put things in writing..(hope this make sense).

  • Y'day , around 7am, my bestfrend called, to check if i wanna meet her for breakfast....hmmm, dgn lincah kodok, i showered,changed, and met her at Sengkang by 7.45am. I dont fly....i drove, hence that makes life easier for me to be abled to make it on time.

  • Simple $2 breakfast at McD, was soooo heavenly peaceful (minus the kids), i tell ya ! We never fail to laugh ourselves silly whenever we meet. We talked abt things ...sometimes same ol' things over and over again w/o getting sick of it........yeap, that 's wat deprieved housemakers like us will do sometimes...haha

  • Anyhoo....after our marketing and gallivanting spree for that few hours of "freedom", we parted at 11.30am. On the way home, along the TPE, listening to some music on the radio,halfway before i reached my estate, i thot i saw an old man crossing the seriously, in a bright day light....along the expressway ! He looked like a haggard,shabbily dressed old man with a stick........walking feebly trying to get across. Ive no third eyes, thank u veri much ! Maybe i was imaging things (which is rarely,esp when driving).........but really, i saw the old feebly man, crossing and then vanished ! i didnt knw where, but gone ! Everthing happened so briefly, actually. Ive no time to think of wats not...etc

  • Surprisingly, i didnt feel scared or anything like dat (maybe bcos its daytime)...wat's playing in mind at that instant was, can he make it on time, to get's dangerous. !

  • When i reached home, i totally forgot all abt it...........till now.
    Who can he be? , Its broad day light ,ley !


Aishah said...

Aiyoh, you talking about the TPE that leads to Pasir Ris exit is it? Alamak, I ever had a scary encounter once there but many years ago lah. Until today,I dont dare drive there alone, even in broad daylight.

nor said...


yup, that route..but that's the only way to my place. ive nvr encounter such things b4...but dat day,it happend so fast ley.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Hmm what a weird encounter...

anyway sis, do u have the book a thousand splendin sun ? i nak pinjam lah..

dont wanna buy cos usually i read a book only once...

pls advise.. thanks..

nor said...


sorri dear, i dun have the book, i borrowed fm my cousin actually.

Ummi's BLOG said...


its ok.. I know one of my cousin has it.. just need to ring her up than.. thks anyway.