Monday, February 4, 2008

The weekends were fruitful ( yay! i got oranges ;), i must admit. My Saturday, class has started, and since we have the Youth class too,at the same place on the same time (only different classroom), it's a good opporturnity for my son to tag along...Stories and lessons fm the Quran...his first lesson, i tink he enjoyed it.

Sunday,again, three of us (hubby,my son and me) attended an interesting 2hr talk abt "How to Live Your Live Powerfully".. It's quite lengthy to explain...i did take down some notes during the session. I would conclude , it was empowering,mind boggling and an eye opener. The session has touched, moved and inspired me in a way or another. It did to my hubby and i reckon my son too...eventhou, halfway i could see him doing some drawings **roll eyes**

It's a sooner or later thing that my son , is growing into a teenager. It's a phase of life. Im just taking a step each day to prepare him abt wat life is all abt. The importance of balancing the both worlds...etc. It's challenging n tough especially in this period of time.....anyhow, i foresee, i just cant be standing on the grandstand to see the outcome, i have to be on the field in order to see results. Im thankful, that hubby has realised his "missing out actions" all these while, prior to his jobs n decided to be here more often. I dun blame him, the situation is such...eventhou, it suffocated me at times. I have come to stage of breakingdown,cos, its not an easy feat for me to handle domestic issues single handedly while he's away most times. But i survived, somehow !

On the other hands, i cannot imagine, that my kids are growing so fast. If only time can be stalled, i wish they still forever be wat they are now. I know they drive me nuts at times, but the fact is I dun want them to grow....not yet! I'll definitely missed those days.........Come to think of it, im getting old myself. It's time to creat a new vision in my life.!

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