Friday, August 8, 2008

The kids look soo patriotic with thier red t-shirts..walking together to school this morning. The school assembly ground dah macam "red sea"...cos, everyone is soooo, err red...:P

Ok, im trying to be patriotic here (it's National Day mood ,mah)....

Let see, im a very pure sincapolean lor...when my hubby got an offer to work in the neighbouring country, he wanted to bring us all there, but being a very pure sincapolean that i am....i dun have to think millions of times before i declined the offer. I'd rather stay put here, in my very heart and soul country , with a little (well actually A LOT ) of sacrifies to go along. To cut the long story short, i survived the ordeals ! *Phew*

That aside, i need some chill pills today hor, still in National Day mood, we are soo going here . Heaven ! we'll be having mini celebrations of my kids bdays (cos,both are Aug babies) as well as, Satria, my nephew's one year old bday....with the whole nations, we gonna see the parade + fireworks in celebration to our country's 43rd birthday, only difference, we'll be watching the whole event from our hotel room .... how vonderful !!

Vokay..., gotta start packing my stuff soon....cannot forget my training shoes , as i'll be surely hitting the hotel gym (and the sauna). . I'd better make full use of this priviliged time given, cos, it will be a mad mad rush again after this short holiday break !

Happy National Day !

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