Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Part I

After 3years....we've got our kaput aircond(s) fixed y'day and slept the nite thru with the priviliged of cold air that surround our rooms. I still dun mind the fan actually..cos,im not an aircond person.

Ive somewat chosen the colors to paint the rooms & living areas...and the price quoted was a steal !

We still waiting for the capentry guy to get back to us..(for our masterbedrm.)
We've not been doing any changes to our home, since we moved in some good 9years ago...and i think it''s abt time..the wear n tear of things around the house are somewat my bed ! :P

Im looking forward to the refreshing new look , of a place i call Home.

Part II

Im looking forward to this coming Ramadan....just like the previous, each Ramadan has different feel for me.

When i was younger, i dont see the benefits of sawm (except for a slimmer me) , i find it was a chore to wake up for sahur and being hungry n thirstly the whole day. Maybe ive cheated on my sawm before, i couldnt recall much thou..

As time and years passes by, Allah loves me... gave me the benefits of seeking knowledge.., slowly , steadilyy and surely...i got the lightbulb.!! I began to realise and see the beauty of His command. It's not just abt hunger and thirst's the testing of our spiritual willpower . Many knows that syaitan will be chained in hell during this holy month, but the worst devil to fight is actually our own nafs.

The doors of repentance are open... the myterious last 10 nites of Qadr...and many other kelebihan during tis month ...hence we are told to grab these opportunities, cos, Ramadan come once and will be gone soon...we wont knw if we would be able to meet another Ramadan again.

Im looking forward to have iftar with the orphanage .I want my kids to see how fortunate they are and count their blessings.


Aishah said...

When are you having iftar at the orphanage. Pls let me know, I would like to bring my kids down too to learn something from there.

nor said...

aishah, it's with FaithHub...if u interested, i see if i can still squeeze u and family in the list.

Ummi's BLOG said...

tats a good and noble act.. May Allah bless u and your family with abudance of his Rahmat. Amiin.