Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At last, after 2 weeks of break, yesterday im back at the gym again.

Sweating never felt sooooo good till yesterday.

Just a little while ago, hubby asked me to join him for brisk waking at the nearby park,
i was undecisive at first cos i was halfway vacuuming the house (but that can wait till later..hehe)..then i looked out of the window, whooaaa ! the sun is scorching hot..........nope, im not walking under that kinda heat, so hubby went alone.

Im thinking of cutting my hair, cos, ever since i wear hijab 3 years ago, i never cut my hair.
I dont want it to be too short, cos, i always like to have a small bun behind, when i wear my hijab.

I really really have to cut down on my shopping...i just got myself a watch. The other day was a bag (again) and 4 blouses..all at one go. Me bad !

Ok, actually i need a new shades/sunglasses...the sun is too much for my eyes , especially when i drive. oooops!

Looking forward for the long weekends. !

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