Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm excited ! He's coming here again.....i always try not to miss his lecture.

I've already got 2 tickets...for my hubby and myself. We'll be there, Insya allah.

Those who havent... get yours now before they are all being snapped out !

Im also looking forward to a 'must-go' kinda lecture series by Dr Zakir Naik and his son, but i was dissappointed to learn that he is not able to make it here. :(

Read the clause below:

" Due to unforseen circumstances, we are regret to inform that Dr Zakir Naik and his son, Bro Fariq Naik will not be able to come to Singapore on the above date. If you have any queries please email "


Anonymous said...

Salam kak! I should be going too insyallah! :)


Aishah said...

I was looking forward to Dr Zakir Naik's lecture. So disappointing. Wonder if he really cant make it or.....

nor said...

salaam rozas,

hope to bump into you ;)

nor said...


i get wat you mean, i was having the same thots as your 'Or............"

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