Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes, i wish that im on top of a mountain or valley somewhere in this earth, that i can take my own sweet TIME doing and enjoying simple things life can offer.

Seriously, dont you feel that the TIME is passing by so very quickly nowadays. ? It seems like yesterday i just went for my workout at the gym...and today , it just ended and im already here typing this.

TIME has changed most of the things as well people too...
I passed by my old primary school last weekend and the road is much wider now.
I bumped into and old school friend , just last Sunday , im surprised ,when she , once a happily married woman , is now a single mom to 4 sons. Even with her tough condition..she never regret the separation...infact, she told me she is much happier than before.......
Again , TIME heals the pain.

The passing of TIME seems to move so fast we couldn't do anything. One important thing i learn is to hold on to everyday like it was the last and tell the people you love how much they means to you before the passing of TIME rob you of the chance to said or do the things you wanted to do. We cant changed the past, it is only meant for reflections but we can change our future by planning wisely and not to waste precious TIME.

" One of the signs of the Hour is that time will pass more quickly. Is it one of the signs of the Hour that days will pass quickly and will become short?. "

Praise be to Allaah.

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