Friday, June 19, 2009

Im back from my vacation on late Wednesday nite.

There's 10 of us in this family which consist of (hubby,me and my two kids), my elder sis-in law, her hubby (i call him BiL ) and her two kids + my mom-in law and my younger sis in law.

I prefer it tis way...just us families (no extended families pleasse) driving up to the east coast of Malaysia in 2 cars...(thanks to our MPV , where all the 4 kids bunked in ,talking, laffing and watched vcds along the journey) .

It was a indeed looooooooong ride..we stopped at Mersing to have our breakfast of roti canai and then continued our journey to Trengganu...we had toilet break in btwn before we finally reached our very first stay for the day , Ulek Beach Resort.

After checking in and settled down , my BiL and I made phone calls to check on Redang Island, for our next destination on the next day. Bookings made .... we had to leave in the wee hour of the next morning in order to catch the ferry ride at 9.30am.

The ferry terminal is somewhere in Merang abt 2hrs ride fm Ulek resort and we are yet to find out where exactly it is. We left around 6am the next morning and reached the terminal at 8.30am , where we had breakfast at the jetty "cafe" while waiting for Mr Bahar whom we are supposed to meet at 9am , to pass the pymt for our Redang stay.

The ferry ride to Redang was another one hour before we finally reached the clear water resorts. A little dissappoinment when we checked in, as the place , Redang Lagoon Resort , that we were staying was much of a run down state.

After lunch , we had our short rest before we headed for snorkelling ... (will update pictures). In the evening we decided to skip dinner at our resort but hopped over for a good western food of steak at Coral Redang Resort instead. Im satisfied *burrrps*

After dinner, we walked and sat at the beach, laughing and talking to each other (family bonding like dat :P ) and just watching the stars that filled the entire dark sky . My niece Vahesh, said she saw a shooting star .

The next morning..after breakfast, we checked out and took a speedy boat back to the mainland, where we continue our journey to Kelantan..............The route that we took toward Kelantan was winding but awesomely scenic.

After Kelantan.....we head back to Perak and stayed for a nite, then drove down to KL the next day , just for chendol n rojak (and goreng pisang) before we ended our journey back to Singapore.

To summarise, the trip was fun and enjoyable one...even the kids said so. We did things that we never did as a family .

Will post pictures later ..................

PS: now i have heaps of laundry to fold !! No fun... !

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Umm Omar said...

Sounds like good times. :-)