Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Saturday, i went to a friend's new home for a mini housewarming ,get-together kinda thing. Only few good friends and their families were invited. Food was great and so was the company.We has so much to catch up with each other and there's lots of laughter and sharing amongst the ladies...i bet the same for the men and the kids too.

While some of us were talking , eating and laughing....came bro M , his wife and kids. They were warmly welcomed and all of us were so happy to meet them after a long time.

But i believed most of us there, we "shocked" to see sister F (bro M's wife) without her hijab. She has been wearing hijab for as long as i could remember...maybe abt 10 years ago, ever since i 1st met her . She has been wearing hijab, ever since her marriage with bro M (who by the way is a convert).

I have always envy her strength n courage of wearing her hijab, even in the presence of all her in-laws ,who are mostly..... Christians. I ,myself , find this is one great challenge for me ..(my in laws and the clans are all staunch Hindus)

So, now , sis F has these long flowy hair with some highlights . Seriously, she is pleasant looking lady, but i would very much prefer to see her in hijab ..

I am not sure, if this is the reason for her taking out her hijab....

Months back, my hubby told me , that he bumped into bro M and sister F at a Mall in JB. Hubby thot , bro M was with another lady, but to his surprised , she is sister F w/o hijab. Then another good friend, ever mentioned to me, she also bumped with bro M and sister F (with some of their friends ) in KL, during school holiday, last year...They coincidentally stayed in the same hotel. This time again, sister F was not wearing hijab but neck plugging blouse instead.

It really didnt occured to me that she would really showed up w/o hijab on last week's housewarming party , cos, the last bbq we had months back, she was covering her head..

I told my friend, i have believe that sister F changes , may be due to her back-to-work again lifestyle. Sister F has been a stay at home mom for years ,till she decided to step out to workforce again, to help her hubby (bro M) financially. She then had no time to attend classes and religious activites like she used to and slowly get drifted away . When she started to work, they (bro M and sister F), managed to get a car and hired a domestic helper. Financially, probably they are quite stable now...im not sure abt the spiritual part.

Anyway, who am i to judge her.

We are merely human who normally forget (or lalai ).. so, let's remind each other .

May Allah guide us all to the truth and lead us to the right path. ameen.

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Aishah said...

True, who are we to judge her. We are humans too and we can never tell the future.