Thursday, June 25, 2009

Month of Rejab is here .

Im proud of myself, i managed to complete the Surah Mariam after my Maghrib prayer last nite...and continue with 2 pages of surah Taha.

If i mentally set my gear right, i shld be able to fast once the school holidays are over , next week. Insya allah.

On another note, my hubby has this "crazy" least to me it sounded "crazy" .

He wanted to climb mountain...Mount Kinabalu that is . He even spoke to his cousin, Ranesh , who apparently just climbed the same mountain abt 2 months back . Ranesh gave him so much infos , as the adventure was still fresh in his head.
Now, the hubby is in the "very-keen-to climb" mode . *roll eyes*

Anyhow, he cant do it this year due to some logistic matters and stuff . He asked me if im game for this so-called adventure trip ........... hmmmmm , am I ??

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