Friday, October 30, 2009

I have good news to share on this blessed Friday .

For gazillions times and since donkey years ive been persuading my hubby to learn the Quran.
The same ol' answers he will give me ..... "wait , im not ready" .
(note to some of u : my hubby is a convert)

Coincidentally, a good friend , sis N , whose husband is also a convert , told me that , her Ustz has a slot avlble on Sunday @ 3pm , checking if im interested to take in. I spoke to hubby briefly over the phone and before i did my Asr, i texted him..... asking him to consider taking this opportunity and offer , as the Ustz is experience , patience and judging fm feedbacks frm my two good friends who has been learning with him for years...the Ustz is the "one" . However , i wont force the hubby .

I texted my two good friends , sis S and sis N to make doa for me/us . They have always been very encouraging and partly my source of motivatiors . While doing my Asr, i prayed hard that Allah will open up my hubby's heart this time round. Minutes later, i r'cd a reply fm hubby ........ "Go ahead ! "

For that very moment, i just couldnt Thanks Allah enuf. Allhamdulillah 3x
I really didnt expect HE answered my doa almost immediately :)

I was full of emotions , even when i was talking to sis N , to tell her the good news . I got the Ustz mobile no. frm her and called him to make arrangments . This is really so surreal . !


The second good news .........

Sis N and her hubby's plan to go Hajj this year was rejected due to the quota issues. Even after the extended quota of extra 1500 slots were announced, their names are not in the lists. Obviously , dissappoinment surrounded them.

Then, their agent mentioned that abt 350 + jemaahs backed off, due to the lack of annual leaves, lack of preparations etc... so possibility their names can be on the top list. Sis N said, she leave it everything to HIM. Last nite, i received a text fm sis N , saying her husband and herself are being invited by Allah for this year's spiritual journey.

Alhamdulillah .

Give your full Trust in Allah ........ HE 'll be there for you.


kakchik said...

i would have to agree 100% with your last statement.
and alhamdulillah for both good news.
may Allah give your husband courage and bless your friend.

happy news always make me smile

Joharan said...

Alhamdulillah! Kudos to your husband for taking this step.

All the best.

nor said...


2 good news in a day..masya allah! cant explained the feelings. thanks for yr nice words.

nor said...


salaam ! nice to see u here.

first step is always the journey to a thousant miles. :) said...

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