Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Thursday, i was slaving myself in the kitchen almost the whole day. We have guests coming to our home for dinner.... my hubby's cousin , Sathesh and his wife Shamini + baby Jonan , my sis inlaw (and family) + my mom in law.

The are sick of eating all those masalas during Diwali, so they requested for mee soto, but i geared up myself making all these ....... mee soto + bagedils , roti jala + mutton curry , bandung and lime rose syrup ....+ bubur chaca for dessert , drowned with mint tea.

I was too tired n messy , that i didnt take pictures of the food, but here's the picture of the table setting .

I blogged abt this here (Tues ,July 7th 2009)

Baby Jonan Sathesh Ramiah (only 2mth +)

They really enjoyed the food very much and with just the small company , they had a blast of time.!

Never mind the aftrmath of cleaning up and all, i had a good time too . :)

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