Thursday, January 14, 2010

FaithHub brochures all stacked up.

Somebody has to do the job.

All the other members have their own tasks/duties to perform.

We're almost all geared up for this coming Saturday.

FaithHub will be organising a Talk in English at the Sultan Mosque Auditorium.
This Saturday , 16th January 10, 2pm-5pm.
Free Admission.

Talk by Ustz Haron Akhtar, will be touching on "Islam being the most misunderstood religion and what we can do to rectify this situation."

This is indeed timely as we struggle with all the questioning from our non muslim friends around what our religion has to say about the world events that are unfolding everyday. We are being bombarded with articles in the newspapers stereotyping Muslims to the world. What should our response be and what should our next steps be? .

The second Ustaz is not a stranger. He is none other than Ustaz Mokhtar Stork. An Australian convert and the author of the celebrated book A-Z Guide to the Quran published by Times Publishing. It will indeed be an inspiring talk on the "Need to redefine Islamic education."

The current education is not wholesome and he will share why it is not so and what needs to happen to make it wholesome. We have a great role to play in this space as well and come find out what we need to do individually and collectively as an Ummah.

Come join us !