Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick update .......

Alhamdulillah, all is good and well.

Hubby's medical tests and check ups are all clear.

My daughter has come to age , yesterday afnn.

I didnt expect my going-to-be 11yo daughter will reached
her puberty stage this early.. :P

Her reactions was cool ,cute and funny at the same time..hehee

I did what i shld be doing.. taught her some basic things
about being a woman....or she prefer to call it being a lady..hehee

Next , have to deal with PMS !


NeverEver said...

awww mashaAllah and congratulations to her.

I was also 11 at my time and I didn't even realize that it was earlier than other girls.

Nor said...

fren, hat happen to ur hubby? Alhamdulillah everything ok now?

Congrats to ur princess! Dah jadi anak dara :)

Dini blum lagi :)


NoR said...


thanks sis... :)

NoR said...


alhamdulillah, he's fine now..but still on medications. something gotto to do w the heart but after all the check ups , he seems alrite..quite a few procedures done.

yes, aku dah jadi mak dara..hehe