Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I sort of knew it.

It's clear now.

Im hurt...although i didnt show it.

Words spoken were lesser.
I think i shall keep this way, till my feelings a little better.

My kids will be back fm school soon & hubby will be back fm
his trip tonite....i suddenly miss them.
I want to have a good laugh with them.
I choose to laugh than to cry.

I appreciate myself, cos, im able to accept the fact.

Anyway, it's not my position to choose, the two path.


kakchik said...

salam nor,

i'm so sorry to hear this. even though i don't know what it really is but i can feel that you're hurting. may Allah bless you with strong iman and strong heart to overcome whatever obstacles. my du'a is for you. take care sis.

NoR said...

salaam kakchik,

thank u for your kind words.

u take care too.