Monday, August 23, 2010

The weekends were very well spent.

Friday, we did our iftar and terawih at the mosque we frequent, for this year.
Eventhou, the mosque is very much a distance from my place,
we didnt mind driving there, cos, somehow.. it "fit" us
quite comfortably.

It is just a small old mosque ,but the interior & the wudu' area
are clean , plus..the muslimah prayer hall is condusive .

Saturday, i had iftar + terawih with my FaithHUb brothers and sisters,
at Seventeenth Ave,Punggol. This is our annual iftar + terawih sessions.
I heart these people...cos they inspire me in a way or another .

Sunday, iftar was at my mom-in-law's place. I really appreciate her
effort to prepare food for us..and respect us as Muslims. It didnt
come overnite takes years before things like this comes to reality.

I still have few things that ive not fulfil yet for this Ramadan.
I'd better put the effort before IT's gone. !

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