Friday, February 16, 2007

Wat a nice morning to start the day. Birds are chirping away and the weather is just perfect.

I bet the long holidays are very much awaited by most of us. Im so excited abt tmrw..and the day after tmrw and the day after tmrw..tmrw...hehehe ( i cant even write properly..!)

The kids dont know abt tmrw's plan yet..except for the other tmrw..tmrw..(still cant write properly..!) I will only announce to them later after they come back fm skool , cos, i need them to pack their own stuff. No ! we're not going back to KL. We'll still be here..but to a more exclusive and cosier place...(like real)... All we wanna do is just relax !!

Will update with probably some snap shots, period is over ! (im sooo in holiday mood ..pathetic i know..cos, it doesnt come so often for a stuck-at-home-mom like me )

Meantime, GONG XI FA CAI !

Have a wonder time everyone !!


Mrs Beki said...

Chalet eh??

nor said...

mrs beki,

nope..not chalet. it's a one-night in "heaven" kinda place..*evil grin*

Salha said...

Kalau bukan chalet....Hmmm.....


Pat tepi laut? Camping? OR ...... A night stay at Sentosa?

nor said...


harrrloww! my friend,nice to see u here...
im afraid, nope..nope..nope..hehehe

mummy jam said...

staying in a hotel?
where ever you're going, have an enjoyable time with the family!

nor said...


thanks, u have a great hols too. :)

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

hi sis hav a great looooog hols k..
dnt 4get to update hor..hehehe

Butterflies said...

salam sis!!!

whoaaa... someone's having a blast this weekennddd!!! :)

i guess by the time i publish this comment, you and you lovely family are enjoying yourselves and each other's company.

takecare sis *hugx*