Thursday, May 17, 2007

My home and the school is just inches away , i could jolly well see my kids walking to and fro from my 3rd storey windows, but after an unpleasant incident that my daughter encountered tis afternoon..i will not let her walk home on her own....NEVER AGAIN !!

I will send and fetch my kids.....especially my 8yo daughter.

I was traumatised myself when she related the incident to me.
I sensed her fear. I could feel her pounding heart.

I Thank ALLAH for protecting my child from any harms.

BEWARE : These perverts & psychos are like everywhere, looking for vulnerable preys.


rheA said...

what happened?? some gals from my sch nabbed a pervert some time last yr bcos they recognised the offender's face!

Ummi's BLOG said...

oh dear,, what happen ?
calm her down and give her lots of yr love..

Princesses said...

Salam Sis Nor...

yaAllah! i hope your girl's all calm down now.

yaRab, please put her heart at ease. yaRahman, watch over her, protect her always and never once leave her to herself. not even for the blinking of an eye. ameen.

& i hope you're alright too, Sis.
btw, i kept reading abt Camp Christine and i feel so sad i can't joinnnnnnnnnn~


nor said...

rhea & ummi,

there's a guy hiding behind the wall "eyeing" at my child.
a'lhamdullilah she's alet enuf to get away fm him ..ended she followed my neighbour taking the lift.

princesses, problem at the camp. next time ..insya allah.