Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yesterday, seemed to be one of my most L/A/Z/I/E/S/T day !

The weather was all cool and rainy.

All i did the whole morning was merely N/O/T/H/I/N/G !

I thot of getting a take-away chicken rice fm the nearby mall , so that my kids could have that for thier lunch...but im too lazy to move my heavy butt.

I had to drag my feet...whipping some simple dhal gravy , cooked rice.....and fried pappadams.

Too lazy to do anything else, lazed on the couch, switch on the telly, only to realise i had dozed off for a good half an hour. I woke up staring at the ceiling, looking at the fan ...

I thot of cleaning the house, but i did that oredi on Monday, where
I mopped the floor till i somehow twisted my wrist. Ouch !
I did cleaned the kids' room & get rid of some clutters too.

I didnt take my bathe till almost 11.30am.

By 12noon, im all freshened up...but still I have to slap & "wake up" fm my laziness zone.
Kids coming home soon, ive to be an "alert" mom or at least act like one..hahha

Later today,
after kids are back fm skool, im gonna send them to my mom's place, cos, im having a
High Tea sessions with two of my cool.!

I need to break away fm my domesticated lifestyle once awhile ,you know ! ;)


Ummi's BLOG said...

HEE HEE HEE... typical housewife musings...

i wish i am u !

take care..enjoy the high tea.

Shaz & Aidil said...

HIGH TEA! sounds very good. where did you go? =)

nor said...


you time will come,sis..hehehe


i went the newly renovated Holiday INN Scouts @ Carousel **yummy**

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

smetimes umi pun mcm tu but then jarang ah she's like that..

nor said...


we need "time out" la..hehe