Monday, May 14, 2007

after our class, the hubby and me, met up w my sis and my bro-in law at KTM railway station for dinner.

My kids & mom tagged along in her car. The crowds that nite, were merely families.
We ate & left the place nearly 10pm, as we were supposed to fetched my dad , who was helping out with the cooking at Habib Noh mosque.

The mosque was having Maulid, hence the human traffic.
We managed to get a spot to park our cars.
Dad met us up for a bit and then went back to the cooking area again.

While waiting, we bumped into few friends,who attended the occasions.
We walked around ... saw a small stall selling books and I ended buying audio cd(s) frm a guy ,who sells them just next to the book stall.
It's a steal , so i bought a few more cd(s) as gifts to friends.

It's almost 10.30pm and dad still not done, me and hubby decided to climb up & visit the makam. A number of ppl were there, doing silent prayers ...we offered ours and came down.
Then, my kids decided to visit the mom and I brought them up, they said their silent prayers and we went down.

I saw some scenes , during the makam visit which i shall not comment. To each his own.

Dad, was done slightly after 11.00pm.....he brought back 2 packets of piping hot briyani rice. We headed to mom's place...ate the briyani and left nearly 12.30am.

had simple lunch at mom in-law's place & left after a while.
We headed to Plaza Singapura, kids and hubby watched Spiderman 3, while the mommy went on retail theraphy .

We ended the day by having dinner at Secret Recipe and I went home with aching legs, but it's worth ,cos, i got a new bag & new pair of shoes....and some stuff from Daiso too. ! :)


Mrs Beki said...

"We headed to Plaza Singapura, kids and hubby watched Spiderman 3, while the mommy went on retail theraphy"

really?? you let them see movies and you went shopping?? wow!! i should do that also!! :)

nor said...

mrs beki,

im not a fan of Spiderman kinda, i did wat a woman shld do...hehehehe