Friday, May 25, 2007

School break is here ....again !
Before i go insane , i better have some backup plans...hehhee

My son is going for his school camping trip next Monday till Wednesday.
(one down...hehehe)

While her brother is away, and not to make her all alone at home, ive signed up my daughter for a "Young Caliph Camp" at the nearby mosque.
It's on Tuesday from 9am - 5pm & Wednesday from 9am - 3pm.

So, while both kids are away with their activities...mummy got her GSS to meddle with..hahaha

I want to make sure the kids , spent their holidays fruitfully....hence, i also signed them up
for "I Love Sholat" courses for 3 days...9am - 11am.
This is on 4th June - 6th June.

The much awaited KL trip starts on the 15th June till probably 20th June.

Cant wait !!


zammy yammy said...

must learn from you when aisyah is all grown up. hehehehe.

nor said...


im still on a learning journey,sis..hehe

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

best nyer..arghss gss best kn..
the only time where im excited and yawn at the same time..

i yawn biler duit da start merosot lerr..*wink wink*