Monday, June 4, 2007

My laptop got C/R/A/S/H/E/D ..kinda badly past weeks.

I had a no-pc-withdrawal-syndrome.

But it wasnt so bad, cos, i was occupied with the kids, being at home and hungry at almost
every hour !!

I got myself bz with the GSS too.
I bought few items w/o my hubby's knowing...heheh **evil grin**
Or probably he didnt even notice...**roll eyes**

The other day, i texted my hubby who was in KL at that time....

Me : "Im in love......"
Hubby : "With who ? "
Me : " With a watch...that ive been eyeing for quite awhile"
Hubby : " Buy it if u want "
Me : "Really ?! "
Hubby : " Yes "
Me: " Ok, Sat we go n buy "

And I got the watch ..YaY !! ;)

Now, I just got back fm fetching kids, after their sholat camp classes.
It's a two i wished it was 3hrs or a whole day kinda thing...hahaha

The weather isnt quite promising minute it's sunshine, the next you'll hear thunder roaring & rain starts to pour.

Fortunately the car is with me since last week...easy access to run errands and chaffeuring the kids for their classes.

Alrite, have to stop here.......... it's feeding time now !!


Mrs Beki said...

nanti bilang ek jam apa ko beli.... :)

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

oh sis u can drive eh??
thats great seh..
hmmm a'ah nk tahu juagak jam ape u bli??

nor said...

mrs beki/ ain

nothng special la...the watch is just normal, but i just buy la. hehee

yes.i can drive ;)

mummy jam said...

it's been awhile since the last time we met, it's definately time to meet up!! fri 22/6 you free tak?

zammy yammy said...

Jom jom 22/6..kak nor..meh jumper..hehe

nor said...


insya allah, i shld be back fm KL by then.
I'll text either one of you to cfmd OK.